Feed Me

22 Jul

So yesterday is the day I gradgitated to becoming a full-fledged Tacoma blogger. I was entered into one of the many fine blogs featured over at FeedTacoma. From the website itself:

FeedTacoma.com is a free community focused and supported resource for those that live in and/or love Tacoma.

This website combines the thoughtful commentary and insight of a handful of Tacomans who want to spread the good word about this great town. Life here can be rich and fulfilling so we encourage living it through group meet-ups and info about things to see, eat, and do in Tacoma.

What’s with the name?
Currently, the site’s content is based on snippets or “feeds” from contributing websites. These feeds are pulling Tacoma-related stuff only and, while we were messing around testing, was a working title that stuck. It also represents the action of “feeding” folks info about this area and why it’s a vibrant and comfortable place to live, work, and play.

See that? “Thoughtful commentary”. You heard it here first, kids. I wonder when I get my satin jacket? Maybe I can have a embroidered hotdog instead of my codename on the front? Check out FeedTacoma, and check it out often. Very cool.


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