So Fresh and So Clean…

11 Sep

A few days ago we went thru one of many new business rites of passage…the surprise health department inspection. We do our best to keep our place ship-shape, and was pleased it was noticed by the health folks by receiving a perfect zero penalties.

Today we kept it up by receiving the 6th Ave Business District Broomie! I am stoked. They give it out to business owners who are seen out and about keeping their areas clean and tidy. Me and my pop have logged a good bit of time on the end of our trusty arsenal of brooms out and around our building, so it’s cool to finally get a broom that is meant for not working (the Broomie is a one-of-a-kind painted broom for display…I’ll post pics when we get it and hang it up).

See this guy?:
This is all-around swell guy Josh Moore. Doorman extraordinaire over at Magoo’s. He doesn’t look his happy-go-lucky grinning self in this pic. Maybe it’s because it was taken right after he became The Red Hot’s Champion Eater! Josh woofed down 7 menu dogs (2 Murray Morgan Bridge Brats, 2 Puget Polish Dogs, 1 Coney, 1 Destiny City Slaw Dog, and 1 Red Hot), and I believe he could have easily done more, but wanted to see if anyone challenged his mark…so he could destroy it all over again. Josh’s pic will hang proudly soon so we may all worship his uncanny eating abilities.

And if anyone reading is so inclined…we’ve went and done it: The Red Hot’s Myspace Page

3 Responses to “So Fresh and So Clean…”

  1. intacoma September 12, 2007 at 5:54 am #

    weak no tide flat!

  2. Felchtone September 12, 2007 at 9:38 pm #

    He probably stashed a couple of those dogs in his dreds. Better check to make sure there are no shenangins.


  1. New Champion Eater « Beer and Hot Dogs - October 26, 2007

    […] guy toppled our previous record for Champion Eater (Josh Moore)…NAY, he DESTROYED it. Josh had a record of 7 dogs. Our new champ, cook and swell guy […]

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