New Champion Eater

26 Oct

See this guy?


This guy toppled The Red Hot’s previous record for Champion Eater (Josh Moore)…NAY, he DESTROYED it. Josh had a record of 7 dogs. Our new champ, cook and swell guy extraordinaire Ryan from over at The Parkway), ALMOST woofed down the ENTIRE MENU of dogs…IN ORDER! As the first customer to try and “Run the Gauntlet”, we were all shocked. He even did this in 2 1/2 hours. He chowed 1 Chicago, 1 Coney, 1 Red Hot, 1 6th Ave Strut, 1 Puget Polish, 1 Murray Morgan Bridge Brat, 1 T-Dome T-Dog, 1 Destiny City Slaw Dog (he started showing signs of slowing down here), the North End Not Dog (he agreed with me that this is the speedbump in running the gauntlet…meat eaters not so used to the texture of protein dogs), a Naked Narrows (signs of fatigue), and then made it halfway through our ridiculous Tideflats. Astonishing. The total for the menu is 13 sausages…roughly 2 1/3 pounds of meat, and a total of roughly 7 to 8 pounds of food. So close! He said he will conquer it soon. All Hail Ryan! His picture is going up with Josh’s, and our Gauntlet plaque will arrive soon. I am sure Ryan and Josh will both be in our hot dog eating contest lineup (sooner than later!)


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