6th Ave. Cliff Notes

8 Feb

The neighborhood is a-changin’ again.

My new neighbors next door have been working into the wee hours every night. It’s going to be the new location of The Wedding Bell, which is Tacoma’s oldest (1945) bridal boutique. There moving their 6th and Proctor store down thisaway. It’s going to be nice not being next to a vacant space anymore. They should be opening soon.

Next to our building is Neighborhood Market. Red Hot pal John Loesh, owner of the market (I will never stop calling it the TomBoy), is remodeling it beginning mid-March. Our 6th Ave newsletter says the remodel will be “the creation of 3 or 4 condominium offices” and “the grocery unit will continue to occupy part of the ground floor level”. I don’t know if they’re going up, or if they will use the basement level, too.

Right up the Ave in the old Ezell’s space, Herban Cafe will open this Saturday at 11am. Organic grub will be on the Ave 7 days a week, and their chef will be teaching a cooking class next to them in the Urban Gourmet’s new teaching kitchen on February 15th.

In general knowledge dropping, City Council awarded 220,000 clams to go toward angle parking of side streets of 6th Ave, as well as “improvements”. Seems parking and it’s costs/repercussions is a hot topic around the whole city lately. I wish I could make more Biz Assoc. meetings to find out more. Of course with more businesses coming onto the Ave, parking will be needed…and if the rail/streetcar/whatever project makes it’s way up 6th, we’ll need side street parking since I’m sure the main drag will be all used up for traffic/construction. I’ve heard the angle parking will be within the first block off 6th, and will be where there are less residences in place…just not sure how solid that description is.

And as a sweet 6th Ave ending, burglaries are down 35%, car prowls down 22%, and car thefts are just plain ‘down’. Stats courtesy of the boys (and girls) in blue, TPD.


3 Responses to “6th Ave. Cliff Notes”

  1. jamie February 8, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    Good news on the Wedding Bell. I have absolutely no interest in shopping there, but 6th Ave needs more retail that will pull people in during the day.

    Re: the Tomboy (I’m with you on the name)… I hope the grocery section doesn’t get too much smaller. This is the only market within walkable distance around here. I’d love to see it made a bit more upscale instead of downsizing. But I’ll have to trust John on this for now, since he owns the building and does so much great stuff for the district.

    Interested in learning more about the parking stuff…hope the effect on the surrounding neighborhoods isn’t too severe. People need to be willing to walk further and/or take the bus more often…but I know we can’t wholesale change peoples’ ways.

  2. beerandhotdogs February 8, 2008 at 8:32 pm #

    Totally. I hope the other ‘improvements’ are to make the strip more pedestrian friendly, with hopefully more bike racks, etc. I’m sure arty bikeracks aren’t too far a stretch from the trashcans on the Ave.


  3. jamie February 8, 2008 at 8:35 pm #

    Too bad the sidewalks aren’t wider…anyway, I know Claudia from the biz association is excited about more street art, info kiosks, etc., and I’m sure bike racks would fit really well into that vision. As long as we can find spots for them.

    I still haven’t dropped by. I’ll need to come check out your new brew sometime and meet you in person.

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