Hales Ales Kolsch German Style Ale

1 Apr

At this past weekends Moisture Festival, held at the Hales Brewery in Fremont, there were a full array of Hales offerings on tap. I selected to drop my comp tickets on their Kolsch, a seasonal brew that caught my attention last year around this time.
A sweet malt flavor on first taste, backed up by a good hoppiness. Hazy yellow color, but a fuller body to it than most that ape this style. A nice dry-bitter mouthfeel, and extremely drinkable…hell, let’s just say gulpable while we’re at it. I was rather impressed, especially with the Motorhead umlauts on the label, which as we all know, makes anything tagged with said umlauts that much more kick-ass.

This baby announces the arrival of Summer here in the Pac Northwest. Take the best parts of lighter styles of beer (good, full body of a lager…crispness of a good, dry pils…and hoppy/fruity stuff from a lot of NW ales), and this is what you get. This can hold it’s own with the ‘blessed’ beers from Euro-Land any old damn day of the week, and maybe even twice on Tuesdays.

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