We’re Two Years Old…

15 Aug

Tonight (Saturday 8-15), 7pm: Randall Battle with Schooner Exact Brewing! 3 Grid IPA through 2 Randalls…one with Amarillos, one with Cascades! Meet the brewers and geek out!

Tomorrow (Sunday 8-16), 1pm: Our anniversary party opens our beer garden at 1pm. On tap out there will be Elysian Koolsch (pub only from Elysian Fields), 7 Seas British Pale Ale, Port Townsend Hop Diggidy IPA through the Randall, and the debut of our beer engine with a cask of Big Al’s Hop Soup IPA. At 5pm, we’ll be tapping a firkin with our pals from Schooner Exact outside with their delicious dry-hopped 3 Grid IPA that we can’t get enough of. At 6pm, the return of the annual hot dog eating competition! This year is all about speed, with each eater given 3 hotdogs and buns…whoever downs ’em the fastest, wins! The weather is going to be killer, sunny and 78, and we’ll keep the garden open into the night. Hope to see all of our pals there to celebrate!

Coming Soon: Reunion ’09 Double Wheat, Lost Abbey 10 Commandments, Port Townsend Scotch Ale NITRO, Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA, Laurelwood Hop Monkey IPA, Walking Man Homo Erectus IPA, SESSION FEST, NBB BIKE IN MOVIE, & MORE!

p.s.: Website for Tacoma Craft Beer Festival is live! IT’s still being tweaked and things added, but the first draft is up!


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