Wed 5/9: Tieton Cider Works Dry Hopped Cider Debut, 6pm

8 May

All this nice weather makes us thirsty, and since we switched our cider handle over to Made in WA Tieton Cider Works, we’ve been hooked on their wares. Wednesday night, we’ll debut their new Dry-Hopped Cider, along with some other specially priced treats. Here’s the tap (and bottle) lineup:

Dry Hopped Cider
Be the first to try this amazing cider. A refreshing apple cider featuring Yakima Valley Cascade, Fuggle & Palisade hops. 6.9%ABV

Apricot Cider
A crisp apple cider, infused with Tieton’s own apricots. 6.9%ABV

Cherry Cider
A well balanced apple cider blended with cherry. Big mouth feel, perfect acid, and long finish. 6.9%ABV

Wild Washington Apple Cider
With pineapple aroma and a pronounced mineral quality that gives the cider a lively mouth feel. Notes of green apple & preserved lemon. 6.9%ABV

Frost Iced Cider
$24/375mL Bottle Only
A luscious late harvest blend of Jonagold, Pinova and Winter Banana apples create our pale straw cider. Pleasing sweetness, accompanied with expressive floral notes. Limited. Show up, and you might just get to sample this creation. 11% ABV

The Apricot Cider is currently on in rotation, and at 6pm, everything goes on. See you there!


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