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The Pint Pedaler: Bike Map of Tacoma’s Craft Breweries

4 Jun

As June sets upon us, we bid farewell to yet another Bike Month here in Pierce County. Every year, with the help of our pals, we set out to unleash some sort of zaniness for a Bike Month event. This year was no different.

We present The Pint Pedaler: A Bike Map to Tacoma’s Craft Breweries


This is a project put together with the help of Matt Newport over at Tacoma Bike Ranch, Kris Nystrom at Nystrom Design, and local pals at Rite In The Rain.


This map is a simplified map of bike-friendly routes around town, with the locations of all the current breweries, as well as the Tacoma bike shops to help you on your way. It is printed on Rite In The Rain paper, so beer spills/rain/sweat need not ruin your copy. We even stress tested a copy at the release party for 2 hours in the rain, and then vigorous use as a coaster, with astonishing results in it’s durability.

You can pick up your free copy here at The Red Hot, or at any of the breweries or bike shops on the map: Wingman Brewers, Harmon Brewery, Tacoma Brewing Co., Harmon Tap Room, Engine House #9, RAM Brewing, 2nd Cycle, Defiance Bicycles, Old Town Bicycle, & both Tacoma Bike locations. There is even a map addendum on the back for neighboring Gig Harbor, listing 7 Seas Brewing & the other Old Town Bicycle location for the more adventurous cyclists.

We’ll be getting a downloadable file up on our website soon. We’re already thinking of new ideas for Pint Pedaler 2014, & thanks again to all involved. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.


Win This Bike

25 Aug

On Wednesday, September 1st, starting at 6pm, we’ll be having a little hootenanny. New Belgium and The Red Hot Bike-In Movie. Beer Garden, outdoor movie, and giving away a suave set of wheels.

It’s been hanging on our wall for almost three years now. I gave it a test drive in front of my house when it was delivered, and thats it. Brand new. It’s a 2007 or 2008 Felt, numbered frame New Belgium Cruiser Bike, with coaster brake, single-speed, rear and front racks, and powder coated frame. Red.

You can enter once a day at TRH, and NO ENTRIES DAY OF DRAWING. We’ll fire up the beer garden around 6pm (New Belgium delights such as 1554, Hoptoberfest, Ranger IPA, Erics Ale, and Blue Paddle Pilsner will be there to indulge your beery desires), start the movie (most requests so far are for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) around 7:30-ish, and raffle off the mighty cruiser after the flick. NBB bike bells and tire patch kits will be being tossed about freely, we’ll do the t-shirt thing, and it will be a fantasticly fun way to get over the hump o’ the week.

Two Events Today (Wed, May 19)

19 May

Today, we have a double-header of beery goodness on deck.

First up, starting from noon to 2pm, is a Meet & Greet/Lunch with Tomme Arthur, he of Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey fame. Tomme is responsible for some of the most imaginative and complex beers on the market today. We’ll feature Port Brewing HOP-15 and The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share on draft. Meet the man, drink his wares. Ask him all those weird beer geek questions that have been itching in your brain. NOON TO 2PM, WED MAY 19

What was supposed to be the first outdoor beer garden of the year got the kibosh by Mother Nature, so we’re battening down the hatches and retreating indoors for this event. 8:30 pm is the start of American Flyers, one of the classic bike flicks of all time. Kevin Costner and Ted Danson in spandex…really, what more could you ask for? Bikey pals New Belgium Brewing help The Red Hot in presenting this for celebration of Bike Month. Expect all the two-wheeled gifties of yore (tire patch kits, head tube badges, etc), prizes, and Ranger IPA, Blue Paddle Pils, Fat Tire Amber, and Lips of Faith Belgian Blonde all on tap. Generally, what we normally do in these parts when the weather turns south…have a party. NBB BEERS GO ONLINE @5PM, FLICK @8:30PM.

We Got Your Back(side) & Bike Racks

15 Apr

Yesterday we waged war in an epic battle against bar-butt, and were victorious by putting in new barstool tops on all our stools. The new padding was waging war against literal pains-in-the-asses of many a Tacoman. Reports are in that the new seats are ‘comfy’.

I’ve also been writing the City for over a year asking about getting new bike racks in front of TRH
. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but yesterday some nice people showed up and added 2 new racks in front of our building.

It was not uncommon for our tiny single rack to house 8 or more bikes at a time, and we’ve chased more than one lousy bike thief after nabbing a patron’s unlocked bike because of no room on the rack.

We started letting people bring their bikes in, but that got too crowded too fast. This is a very welcome change. Thanks City Bike Rack People!

Last Beer Garden

11 Sep

Tomorrow, Sat Sept. 12th is the last beer garden of the year for The Red Hot. We’re doing the first ever New Belgium Bike-In Movie in Washington State with New Belgium Brewing. We’re raffling off a new custom “The Red Hot” mountain/commuter bicycle, outfitted with rear rack and bike lock, and some other cool bikey schwag for those in attendance!

Bike riders get a special schwag bag (tire patch kit, lip balm, bottle opener, etc). We’re showing the classic bike flick, 1979’s “Breaking Away”, outside, shot onto the building.

Garden opens at 7, movie at dusk! The weather is gonna be AMAZING!

Repurposed Messenger Bag?

24 Jun

We got a bitchin’ new messenger bag from New Belgium Brewing to give away tonight. It’s made from old NBB advertising banners, kind of like these. Should keep you bike-to-worker’s stuff dry and secure on your commute. We’ll raffle it off tonight (WED JUN 24) with our reCYCLE’d bike. You can’t enter to win the bike today, but you can score the bag and even pick up some NBB chapstick (honestly, the best chapstick I’ve ever used), glasses, or tshirts. We’ll have $3 pints of Fat Tire and Skinny Dip starting at 5pm, and we’ll also feature the newest offering in their Lips Of Faith Program, Dandelion Ale.

Here’s a nifty commercial NBB made which inspired our reCYCLE the Bike Nights:

Last Day to Enter

23 Jun


reCYCLE The Bike Night #2

21 Apr

Our second installment of repurposing unused bikes has another go at it tomorrow night, Wednesday April 22nd at The Red Hot. It’s a Giant Cruiser bike, ridden like 6 TIMES. Orange in color, new tubes, a large Topeak rear basket to carry a fresh supply of craft beer with you on the go, a “I HEART my bike” bike bell, and a New Belgium head tube badge. Solid.

We won’t be accepting entries tomorrow the day of, but you can enter tonight ($2 Tuesday!!!).

Tomorrow we’ll also be doing a keep-the-glassware from New Belgium with their beers on tap, while they last.

We’ll have a new bike up in the window in a week or two to be given away at reCYCLE The Bike Night #3 at the end of June!!!

p.s.- for all you regulars, a new Gauntlet Champion has risen!!!! 25 minutes, 30 seconds!!!!!! Congrats to Stadium District’s Jeff Lee!!!!!!

Recycle the Bike Night…

20 Jan

So one of my hairbrained ideas has finally taken flight again. “Recycle the Bike Night” is a way to give someone something cool, promote my biz, give life to something instead of heaving it in the landfill, and having fun all at the same time. We’re giving away this Dyno Roadster Kustom Kruiser at The Red Hot on February 25th.


These rides are coveted for their frames alone, going for a couple hunge on the innernets. We buffed it, fixed the chain, tightened all the loose nuts, lubed it all up, gave it some love, and took it for a test ride. Our pals at New Belgium Brewing are on board with this ongoing project, and even hooked us up with some bling:


Practical? No. Fun as hell? Absofrickin’-lutely. We’ll unveil the next ride when this one goes home with someone. This year we plan on doing at least 6 bikes. ANYWAY, you can enter once a day until the drawing. Honor system. Don’t be a chucklehead. It will be a great party on the 25th…

Birthday Thanks

15 Aug

So it’s finally here. As of tomorrow, we will have made it one year here on 6th Ave.

Thanks to all who have supported us, and continue to do so! Your patronage is deeply appreciated. Special mad-props go out to The Parkway Tavern Family, Barry and The Rosewood Cafe Family, Donna and The Tacoma Boys Family, K-Fry and The Family, and Ron Swarner and The Weekly Volcano Fam. Your generosity is amazing. You all rule. Super-special Shizz-Tastic thanks go to all our staff. I have never met a group of insanely loyal and rabidly Red Hot fanatic people ever. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Par-Tay on Saturday should be a blast. We’re giving away the highly coveted PBR Cruiser Bike.

(pssst…We have more bikey suprises for all of you coming up soon!)

We’ll also have a Firkin Cask on of custom-made-for-us-by-Fish-Tale-Brewing “Red Hot AugustFest Bier”, a German/American dry-hopped Cask Ale that is gonna be frickin’ amazing:


We’ll be open outside with more brew offerings and lots o’ seating. Our entire line-up looks like this:

Stone IPA
Lagunitas IPA
Deschutes Inversion IPA
Snoqualmie Wildcat IPA
Snoqualmie Copperhead Pale Ale
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner
New Belgium Summer Wheat
Maritime Pacific Old Seattle Lager
Red Hot AugustFest Cask Ale (custom one-off)
Georgetown 9LB Porter
Alaskan Oatmeal Stout
Wyder’s Peach Draft Cider

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber (bottles and cans)
Lagunitas Sirius Cream Pale Ale
Russian River Damnation 750mL(very few left)
Elysian Loser Pale 22oz(very few left)
Left Hand Milk Stout
Moose Drool Brown Ale
Pyramid Hefeweizen
Full Sail Session Lager
Rainier Tallboys
PBR Tallboys
Miller Lite
Miller High Life
Bud Light

14 Hands Cabernet
Happy Camper Merlot
Primaterra Pinot Grigio
14 Hands Chardonnay

We also have a good selection for the non-alcohol types…and hot dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs…and our new bad-ass stickers.

I’m super excited. Thanks again to all! Hope to see you Saturday Night!