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Sun 2/6: Beer From Here, and For Your Rear…

4 Feb

Yes, we know Rainier beer is no longer made in Washington. Total and complete bummer. On the flip side, there is no denying the memories that big red “R” will drum up. If you are above enjoying the simple macro beer of our region, this is not for you. However, if you tip back a tall can every now and then around the campfire, then this IS for you:


Rainier. Beer. Camp. Chairs.

Complete with double can holders, these are sure to bless your next outdoor adventure, be it in your backyard, or the wilds of our beautiful state.


Even the backs of these beauties will label your seat for easier locating after a trip to the nearest tree…


Each comes complete with it’s own carrying/storage device, for the person on the go…

We’ve been holding onto this pair for quite some time, and will be raffling them off during halftime of the Super Bowl, Sunday February 6. They go as a pair, so just like in Highlander, in the end (middle?) there can be only one (winner).


TRH’s The HoundDog – Wednesday January 5th

4 Jan

This Wednesday, and every first Wednesday of the month, we’ll be serving up a specialty hot dog. For Wed, Jan 5th, this creation is The HoundDog.

The HoundDog.

All-beef natural casing hot dog, with peanut butter, and two slices of bacon. The crispy bacon slices cradle the peanut butter on top so it doesn’t ooze everywhere as it melts. This delicious dog will be served all day this Wednesday.

Gratuitous food porn shot.

Beat the Heat With Woody

28 Jul

Woody is a travelling tavern on wheels. It’s a giant wooden keg that opens up into a tavern, complete with stereo and disco ball.

Woody is from our pals at Deschutes Brewing. He’s in Tacoma today rolling around, and will be making a full-fledge stop at The Red Hot Wednesday Night @ 7pm until close. We’ll be pouring a ‘heat-friendly’ batch of beers on tap in the outdoor beer garden out of Woody: Deschutes Red Chair IPA (from Deschutes Bond Series of beers), Green Lakes Organic Amber, Twilight Ale, & Black Butte Porter. There may even be some surprise handles. All Deschutes handles are on special. The best part is we reworked the beer garden so it’s all in the shade. Hell. Yes. We’ll be on our “BBQ Menu” for the night due to increased capacity, but at least it’s easier on your purse strings…and your hot ass living room. We’re giving away shirts, hats, growlers, glasses, and even a Deschutes Skate deck.

It’s gonna be a damn good time!

Red Hot Signage

21 Jul

Local great-guy-about-town, Peter Whitley, is one of our regulars. He’s done custom Red Hot skateboards, he’s done custom pieces for myself (wedding portrait I gave to wifey for 1-year Anniversary) and other TRH crew (custom set of Ramones Skateboards), and over the course of time, he’s been doing these TRH Staff portraits. He teamed up with Chris Sharp and made this totally bad-ass art project to “get to know your TRH Staff”. Check it:


Sign by Chris, wooden portrait placards by Pete. Look for a very cool art show we’re doing with Pete in the future!

In other TRH portrait news, wicked art wrangler Stowe is slinging ink on his own take of The Red Hot vs. The Parkway staff portraits as we speak for another Bearded Baby Buttons set. Totally killer!

Addicted to C.L.A.W.?

15 May

Cue the slick-back haired dancers…

As soon as we filled our Bearded Baby Buttons Dispenser with the awesome stylings of one Stowe, I realized we had some sort of unintentional shrine to C.L.A.W. forming.

Stowes buttons in the house, and 12 feet away is Stowe’s Beautiful Angle poster, which is topped by a custom Red Hot edition of the C.L.A.W. City Arts cover, which is topped by RR Andersons “My Goodness My Heidelberg” drawing…and we used to have a Mark Monlux screenprint that someone actually spilled a beer on before we got it framed. Don’t ask…

Does C.L.A.W. owe me money, or do I owe them my eternal gratidtude?

Obama Spotted In Tacoma?

20 Jan

Reports are sketchy, but here’s the photographic proof:


You, too, can build your own Obama.

I have some printed out on cardstock here at TRH if any of you lovely patrons want one. Be careful of that site and it’s links…I lost hours!

Recycle the Bike Night…

20 Jan

So one of my hairbrained ideas has finally taken flight again. “Recycle the Bike Night” is a way to give someone something cool, promote my biz, give life to something instead of heaving it in the landfill, and having fun all at the same time. We’re giving away this Dyno Roadster Kustom Kruiser at The Red Hot on February 25th.


These rides are coveted for their frames alone, going for a couple hunge on the innernets. We buffed it, fixed the chain, tightened all the loose nuts, lubed it all up, gave it some love, and took it for a test ride. Our pals at New Belgium Brewing are on board with this ongoing project, and even hooked us up with some bling:


Practical? No. Fun as hell? Absofrickin’-lutely. We’ll unveil the next ride when this one goes home with someone. This year we plan on doing at least 6 bikes. ANYWAY, you can enter once a day until the drawing. Honor system. Don’t be a chucklehead. It will be a great party on the 25th…


31 Oct

Almost forgot…

Yesterday, Red Hot neighbor to the East and fellow occupiers of 6th Avenue, House of Tattoo, ran a special on Halloween themed tattoos for $31. They made up a flash sheet, and that’s what you had to pick from. The most super-awesome part was, they had a Red Hot Frankenweenie as one of the choices!


If they were jobbing for free lunch for their crew, it worked! FANTASTIC! Don’t mind the distorted look of the pic, I couldn’t get a good angle. I got one, and 2 (possibly 3) of our bartenders did, too. I was flattered that our employees would do that. Anyway, yes, I have 2 hot dog tattoos now, I feel that may be a record of some sort…

H.O.T. also does Friday the 13th themed tattoos, and I will be there for that one, too (I believe the next one is February 13th, 2009).

The Red Hot…Now With More Moon Pie!

24 Oct

Being of Southern stock, my childhood fascination and love of RC Cola and MoonPies have worked their way into my business.

We’ve always carried the smaller Mini-MoonPies, never being able to locate a distributor for their larger brethren.

Well friends, our day has come…and we now have the Ultimo-version of this perfect snack…The Double Decker MoonPie!

Chocolate, Banana, and Vanilla, like always, only huge-mungous sized! I measured one in at 3 3/8 inches wide. Is this heaven…?

Frost Park Chalkies Inspire C@TRH?!??

8 Oct

Long tired of my little reader boards I used for tap and bottle lists, I finally got that nice, big chalkboard I’ve wanted:


That will be the cleanest you will ever see it.


It has scrawl on it like this now, always changing. I’m still waiting on some magazine and newspaper articles to get back from the plaque dood to fill the space around it.

Speaking of magazine articles…The Red Hot made it into a very cool regional rag by the name of Beer Northwest.

Beer Northwest featured TRH on half a page in their ‘openings’ section, as well as a nice paragraph about us in a huge article about Tacoma Watering Holes. I’ve totally loved this magazine since it’s first issue, so I was stoked to meet the editor, and then see our name in their pages. Amazing. You can get BeerNW for free at The Red Hot, The Parkway, The Rosewood, E-9, and many other places around town. Rad.