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Wed 7/18: Heart of Gold w/American Heart Association & American Brewing Co.

17 Jul

American Brewing Company in Edmonds, WA

On Wednesday, we’ll be tapping a special keg from our pals up in Edmonds at American Brewing Company. 100% of the sales from this beer will go to The American Heart Association. Here’s the backstory from our pals at American:

American Brewing Company of Edmonds, WA is proud to announce The Heart of Gold Tap Night.
July 18th, 2012, American Brewing Company, The American Heart Association and an amazing array of local restaurant establishments will join together to tap Heart of Gold, American’s new, limited edition, Kolsch style golden ale. Through the generosity of these partners, 100 percent of the sale of this crisp and delicious brew will benefit The American Heart Association and will raise awareness for The AHA’s annual South Sound Heart & Stroke Walk.
As the Heart & Stroke Walk is designed to promote heart-healthy living and to fight the battle against heart disease, so is the goal of tapping Heart of Gold Kolsch Ale. This crisp and refreshing summer ale is the perfect partner in the fight. Every time another pint of this “heart healthier” golden beer is poured, another donation will be made to teach children how to avoid obesity and live longer, to help distribute innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community, to teach hospital patients and health professionals about the risks of stroke, and to help educate people on how to reduce their own personal risk of heart disease.
The Heart of Gold project was inspired when Aaron Artman, President of the Tacoma Rainiers and Event Chair for the South Sound Heart Walk approached American Brewing Founder, Neil Fallon, to form a team to raise funds for the walk itself. Fallon realized American Brewing could serve a larger purpose and so the American Brewing Team decided not only to participate in the walk, but to set their creative talents on crafting a new “heart healthier style” of beer which could raise both awareness and funds for such a great cause.
In promoting a heart healthier lifestyle, American Brewmaster Skip Madsen, designed Heart of Gold as a German Kolsch style ale, serving as a healthier alternative to many of the other craft beers on the market today. Madsen, famous for American Brewing Company’s other offerings, Breakaway IPA, Caboose Oatmeal Stout, and American Blonde, created the new addition from all local and fully donated ingredients. Made with Washington grain from Western Malting Company and Hop Union’s local hops, Heart of Gold is both delicious and serves a great cause.
Brewing a great beer can’t help fight heart disease on its own, so American will team up with seventeen local beer purveyors to help get this message out. In agreeing to donate each and every dollar spent on Heart of Gold to The American Heart Association, these wonderful local establishments are stepping up where it counts. As Ryan Waterman, American Brewing Company’s Area Market Manager puts it, “With an economy the way it is, it’s really amazing to see such generosity from small local restaurants, and I’m really impressed with how they’ve volunteered to support and donate to such a great cause. It really shows that their hearts are in the right place and that they’re committed to The American Heart Association, The South Sound Heart Walk, and most of all, their community.”

Participate in the fight against heart disease by ordering a refreshing pint or pitcher of Heart of Gold at any of the above locations while the kegs last. And don’t forget to create your own South Sound Heart Walk team by visiting http://www.southsoundheartwalk.org to register. Cheers to a healthier heart!

This tasty beverage will be on tap when we open at 11am on Wednesday. Pints will be $5, and all 5 of those dollars will go to The American Heart Association. Additional donations will be accepted as well, help out if you can. Thanks to our pals at American for organizing this worthwhile event!

Wed 4/18: Black Raven Brewing Co. Rocks Your Tastebuds, 6pm

17 Apr

On Wednesday 4/18, at 6pm, we’ll tap a selection of kegs from our good pals to the North, Redmond’s own Black Raven Brewing Company. As the official BRBC South Sound Outpost®, we are proud to tap a few gems for Tacoma.

Trickster IPA
ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 70
Malts: ESB, Munich, Crystal
Hops: Chinook, Magnum, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade
In mythology, the raven can play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules, hence the name Trickster. This well-balanced IPA has a nice, light fruit, citrus & piney hop aroma with a full hop flavor. With its balanced malt body & a 6.8% ABV, this beer has truly earned its name.

Totem Northwest Pale
ABV: 5.8%, IBU: 50
Malts: ESB, Crystal
Hops: Summit, Amarillo, Centennial
A totem is an entity that watches over and represents a clan or tribe. Totem pale represents us well with its bright citrus hop flavor. Featuring the new hop variety “Summit”, the first dwarf hop to be bred for production in the United States and currently the only hop being grown on low trellis in the Yakima Valley. With its ESB base malt and generous citrus hop additions, you too will want to make the Black Raven your totem.

ABV: 9.0%,IBU: 85
Malt: ESB pale malt
Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Summit, Citra
Folklore and mythology present the raven as an omniscient creature with special powers and abilities. The Wisdom Seeker Double IPA gets its special powers from an enormous amount of hops and malted barley. Brewed in the West coast Double IPA style, this bold brew features massive citrus and herbal hop additions and a full hop aroma. Seek your wisdom cautiously;this hop feast packs a punch.

Grandfather Raven Redmond Imperial Stout (ONLY BREWED ONCE PER YEAR)
ABV: 9.5%, IBU: 70
Malts: ESB, Pale, Crystal, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Carafa II, Roast
Hops: Magnum, Mt Hood, Ch Saaz
In the creator role, and in the Raven’s role as the totem and ancestor, the Raven is often addressed as Grandfather Raven. With this stately sense of pomp & tradition we bring you our Imperial Stout. This robust black ale is full with rich dark caramel, unsweetened chocolate, and hints of coffee aromas and flavors. Stately indeed, but at 9.5% ABV, perhaps it is just a vain attempt to encourage the trickster spirit to act respectably.

Come enjoy these delicious creations, the gang from BRBC are always good for great times. See you at 6!

Wednesday, February 15: Avery IPA 2 Ways (& more), 6pm

15 Feb

Tonight, we will feature one of the country’s finest brewers, spotlighting their offerings in the realm of India Pale Ale.

Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA
Hop Variety: Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial and Chinook
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, caramel 120L, victory
OG: 1.090 ABV: 10.24% IBUs: 102
Color: Dark Amber

Maharaja is derived from the sanskrit words mahat, – “great” and rajan – “king”. Much like its namesake, this imperial IPA is regal, intense and mighty. With hops and malts as his servants, he rules both with a heavy hand. The Maharaja flaunts his authority over a deranged amount of hops: tangy, vibrant and pungent along with an insane amount of malted barley – fashioning a dark amber hue and exquisite malt essence.
Be aware that The Maharaja is a limited release only available for the early spring. Welcome to his kingdom!

Avery India Pale Ale
Hop Variety: Columbus, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, Munich 10L, caramel 120L OG: 1.058
ABV: 6.5% IBUs: 69 Color: Golden

In the 1700s one crafty brewer discovered that a healthy dose of hops and an increased alcohol content preserved his ales during the long voyage to India (as depicted in our label) to quench the thirst of British troops. Today, we tip our hat to that historic innovation by brewing Colorado’s hoppiest pale ale. Avery IPA demands to be poured into your favorite glass to truly appreciate the citrusy, floral bouquet and the rich, malty finish. This is the new recipe, dry-hopped more for your drinking pleasure.

And for good measure, we’re also putting on an old fave…

Avery Hog Heaven Dry Hopped Barley Wine

Hop Variety: Columbus
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, caramel 75L
OG: 1.085 ABV: 9.2% IBUs: 104
Color: Deep Garnet

This dangerously drinkable garnet beauty is a hop lover’s delight. The intense dry-hop nose and the alcohol content are perfectly balanced for a caramel candy-like malt finish.

See you tonight!

Saturday 1/28: Get a Taste of Strange Brew w/7 Bloody Seas

27 Jan

If you, like many, can’t get out to Port Townsend this week for Strange Brew Fest, we’ll be tapping a strange keg of 7 Seas Brewing’s “Seven Bloody Seas”, a pale ale with tomato and spices, and garnished with a pickled string bean.

This keg will be tapped when we open on Saturday at 11am, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This is taking “red beer” to another level. Let’s get strange Saturday morning together…

TRH: 1 of 150 Chosen Bars/Jewbelation 15 Release, TODAY 12/20

20 Dec

This year, Shmaltz Brewing has again chosen The Red Hot as one of it’s Chosen Bars, which makes us one of a limited number of places (150 in the country, only 4 in WA State, and only one in Tacoma) that you can try and enjoy their newest Anniversary beer, the 15 malt/15 hop/15%ABV,He’Brew Jewbelation 15, on draft.

We’ll also be pouring Shmaltz’s He’Brew limited IPA release project, Hop Manna IPA Test Batch #4, and He’Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale alongside this amazing brew.

All three beers go on when we open today, and are limited.

Sat 12/17: Kiss My Cask, 12 noon

16 Dec


Plain and simple. This Saturday, at noon, we’re tapping three bar top casks of locally made Double IPA’s. 7 Seas Ballz Deep IIPA, Pike Double IPA, and Maritime Pacific Triple Dry Hopped Imperial IPA. Fresh and delicious, get it while you can.

Wed 11/9: Silver City Night @ TRH, 6pm

9 Nov

Tonight, our consistently-award-winning-pals from up the road in Silverdale, Silver City Brewery, are stopping by with a grip of treats. We’ll have their flagship Ridgetop Red, some Indianola IPA, a cask of the always amazing Whoop Pass Double IPA, and a special one-off batch of Oatmeal Pale, Pale-Oaty.

Brewmaster Don Spencer will be here to answer any beer-y questions, some surpirses await, and schwag will flow just like the delicious beer and good times.

Wed 10/26: New Belgium No Tricks, All IPA Treats Night, 6pm

25 Oct

Tasty brews await. The lineup, from our pals at New Belgium:

72 Eldorado Fresh Hop IPA, Belgo IPA, Lips of Faith Pamela’s IPA (aka PIPA), and Ranger IPA thru the Randall with Citra Hops and Candy Corn. Yes, the Randall filter is finally repaired, let’s hope it holds fast! Here’s an old clip of the Randall in action:

Good times and scwhag will ensue!

Wed 10/19: Widmer Rotator Series IPA Night w/Brewer Jacob Leonard, 6pm

18 Oct

Jacob Leonard was one of the first brewers to work directly with TRH in obtaining their harder-to-find beers. He was then Head Brewer at Walking Man Brewing, has since moved on to a position brewing at Widmer Brothers Brewing, and is still working with us and staying in touch.

On Wednesday Night, he’ll drop in at TRH to spotlight one of his latest projects, Widmer’s Falconer’s IPA, part of their Rotator IPA Series of beers. In addition, we’ll also have the next offering in the Rotator Series, O’Ryelys IPA, as well as the very killer draft-only small batch NW Imperial Red.

Stop by to meet a man passionate about beer, and taste for yourself how much. Glassware specials, and prizes will be all up in this piece. It all starts at 6pm!

Wed 10/5: Deschutes Reserve Night, 6pm

5 Oct

Wednesday is ripe with opportunity. Our Deschutes Reserve Night is merely a veil to help out our good pals at United Way Pierce County…and enjoy delicious rarities. $5 gets you an entry to win a complete Deschutes Brewing Longboard (trucks and wheels included), with ALL proceeds going to benefit The United Way of Pierce County. You can enter as often as you like, and you need NOT be present to win.


There will be a ton of schwag for those in attendance, with more soo-prize prizes to be had. And why call it Reserve Night? Here’s the lineup:

2010 The Dissident; The Dissident is an Oud Bruin, a distinctive Flanders-style sour brown ale, with a fruity aroma and flavor. Deschutes first and only wild yeast beer, they use Brettanomyces to give this beer its characteristic sour taste. Their stiffest brewing challenge, it must be fermented in isolation from all other beers for a full 18 months, partly in pinot and cabernet barrels. Aged 1 year in our own cellar for your enjoyment. Approx 235 kegs produced. Unavailable.

2010 The Abyss; A deep, dark Imperial Stout. Hints of molasses & licorice. As for the great “drink it now or let it age” debate, we stand clearly on the fence. Distinct and delicious, the flavors meld and fuse into an entirely different beer with time. Aged in the TRH Cellar for over 10 months for you to decide. This vintage unavailable.

Hop Trip; Each year around Labor Day, the Deschutes brewers hightail it over the pass to Doug Weather’s hop fields near Salem for the hop harvest. After bagging these aromatic jewels, they hustle back & toss them into the brew kettles within four hours of picking. The reward: a pale ale with a uniquely bright citrus punch and fall spice. Limited release.

Black Butte XXIII; The 23rd Anniversary Beer. With orange zest from Spanish (Seville) Oranges, chocolate nibs from the artisanal alchemists at Theo, & Pasilla Negro chiles. Quantities are limited (only 400 kegs produced) and coveted.

Kegs get tapped at 6pm! Come out and buy a chance for 4-wheeled greatness, and know you did it for a good cause! Good times shall ensue…