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SAT 8/16: 7 Years, Delicious Beers, & a Beer Breakfast

15 Aug

So we’re finally in our new space, and it’s time for our 7th Birthday.

To celebrate, we’ll start things off by opening early (9am!) for our 7th Anniversary Beer Breakfast on Saturday August 16th. We’ll have a special breakfast menu, and offering Wa-Made coffee beer flights (Two Beers Sour Barrel-Aged Jive Espresso Stout, Bainbridge Brewing Imperial Coffee Stout, and Brickyard Brewing Momma Hoopah’s Coffee IPA).

Opening Tap List will be some of our greatest hits. Here’s what it will look like:

•7 Seas/TRH Sesh IPA
•Port Townsend Hop Diggidy IPA
•Elysian Dayglow IPA
•Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA
•Firestone Walker Pale 31
•Seattle CIder Co. Semi Sweet Cider
•Tieton Ciderworks Apricot Cider
•Breakside Brewing Liquid Sunshine Pilsner
•Two Beers Brewing Fresh Hop
•Duvel Single
•Midnight Sun 9Teen Saison
•Ommegang Abbey
•Blanche de Bruxelles Wit
•Pike Brewing XXXXX Stout
•Schooner Exact Profanity Hill Porter
•Bainbridge Brewing Imperial Coffee Stout
•Big Sky Summer Honey
•10 Barrell Apricot Crush
•Brickyard Brewing Momma Hoopah’s Coffee IPA
•Elysian Brewing Woo-Tang Kettle Sour
•Sour Barrel-Aged Jive Espresso Stout
•Everybody’s Brewing Local Logger Lager
•Lagunitas Sucks

There’s lots of things going on Saturday, so hopefully we get to see all of you who help make this tavern happen. Thanks again for all the kind words and well wishes! We couldn’t do it without you.


26 Mar

If you haven’t heard, we are slightly expanding. We are currently renovating the space next door to our current space. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

How much bigger will TRH be?
Right now we are in 1052 sq ft. We are moving to 3000 sq ft.  360 of those square feet will be storage. 355 of those feet will be cold storage. 300 of those feet will be for kitchen & mechanical. That leaves about 1985 square feet for the bathrooms and bar room. The idea behind the new space was to make it more comfortable for our patrons, to provide some more elbow room, and to create more seating space. We are raising our capacity from 49 to 75. We never wanted to be a big unfeeling mega-bar with seating for hundreds, and are trying to make the new space feel familiar to our pals.

What will the new TRH look like?
You will see a lot of the same colors, design elements, and finishes in our new space as you do now. We are also adding new elements that we’ve always wanted, but could not do for lack of physical space.

So you’re just going to knock down a wall?
No. We will be leaving our old space entirely. 

Are you going to allow kids?
No. We are a 21+ Tavern. 

Are you getting more handles?
Yes. We will go from 15 to 25-ish. We could go more, but for us, that number seems just right to keep different beers fresh, and to increase our selection. Look for a House IPA handle, more dedicated Belgian style handles, a second dedicated cider handle, and some cool surprises. Look for more style-specific glassware as well.

Are you expanding the bottle list?
Yes. We are literally bursting at the seams with cellared bottles, and will offer some very cool bottle flights. We’ll post a preview bottle list before we open up the new space.

Are you going to have hard alcohol?

Are you expanding the food menu?
Yes. Slightly. We’re still serving up what we know best, but are adding some new sides, bringing back some old favorites, and adding some cool new things. Some of our cooking methods will be different. Some the same. No, we are not putting in a fryer. We’ll post a preview food menu before we open up the new space.

When will the new space be open?
Right now…the best we can say is May sometime. We incurred many delays during the permitting process, and had to upgrade the building before we could start on our space. We are working as fast as we can…and apologies for the noise/mess.

Will you have pinball?
No. We will have more board games, and will be working with our neighbors at Tacoma Games to build a larger game library.

Are you hiring?
We currently have most shifts filled, but people are always welcome to drop off resumes at the bar.

Sat 8/17: TRH 6th Anniversary Beer Garden (also: Ch-ch-ch-changes v2.0)

16 Aug

Today is our 6th Anniversary. On August 16th of 2007, we opened our doors to Tacoma and beyond.





On August 17th of 2013, we will celebrate this milestone with all of our pals who helped us get here. Huge tent, great beers, and familiar faces make our anniversary party a staff and regular favorite.

On Saturday, we’ll have the tent going from 11am to 8am with an outdoor bar. Between the outside bar & inside bar, we’ll be putting on some of our customers faves, kegs that usually last mere hours, as well as some pub-only kegs from our pals who make the stuff. Black Raven Trickster IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Backwoods Brewing Bumble Bee Imperial Honey IPA, Elysian Space Dust IPA, Everybodys Brewing Good Luck Chuck IRA, Georgetown Brewing Rogers Pils, Airways Brewing Cascade Smash Ale, Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, Black Raven Krystallweizen…these are half the offerings starting out the day.

We’ll have our full menu available all day. Due to the huge influx of extra people for these outdoor events, we usually put on a special limited menu. This party, we’re doing the full menu, because this will be the last outdoor party we do with our current kitchen space.
For the past few months, we have been working with our landlords, in conjunction with our neighbors at The Wedding Bell, and in less than 6 months, we will be moving this whole shebang next door to a larger space with a initial target date of February 1 to reopen the new TRH.


We think we’ve found the perfect space to add a few extra seats, add some extra ‘breathing room’ between tables, add some new handles, upgrade the kitchen, adding a few amenities, all without creating a huge cavernous space that we feel is not what TRH is about.

We’ll keep you updated as we go, as always. Thanks to all of you for helping us make TRH what it is!

Wed 12/5: The Partridge In A Pear Tree Dog

4 Dec

This smoked chicken & apple sausage is presented in a steamed poppyseed bun, topped with a spicy pear cider mustard, a cranberry-pear relish, & finished with an egg nog cream cheese sauce.


This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted.

November Tubesteak Specials

2 Nov

Here is a list of all special dogs we are running this month, straight outta the TRH Test Kitchen, for those seeking new tubesteaky treasures:

Sunday November 4th
The TRH Beanie Weenie

This all-beef hot dog in a steamed poppyseed bun is topped with BBQ baked beans, fresh chopped onion, and a slice of bacon.
This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted, and is not available to-go.

Wednesday November 7th
The T.R.H. N.Y.C. D.O.G.

This all-beef hot dog in a steamed poppyseed bun is topped with spicy brown mustard, our own TRH NYC onion sauce, and cider braised sauerkraut. All profits from sales of this special will be donated to our pals at The Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted.

Thursday November 15th
The TRH Flemish Farmhouse Dog

In running with the Coast To Coast Toast event happening this same day at TRH, we are offering up the TRH Flemish Farmhouse Dog: All-beef dog in a steamed poppyseed bun topped with Saison Dupont honey mustard, fresh herbed cheese spread, and topped with a radish/scallion/chervil slaw and celery salt.
This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted, and is not available to-go.

Wed 9/5: The School Lunch Dog

4 Sep

Here in Tacoma, most schools open back up on Wednesday, September 5th. In honor of all those cafeterias firing back up, we unveil a special offering: The School Lunch Dog.

This all-beef hot dog is presented in a steamed poppyseed bun, topped with creamy peanut butter, red pepper jelly, and topped with jalapeno potato chip crumbles. This special is vegetarian friendly when ordered with a vegi-dog.

This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted.

Sat 8/18: 5 Year Anniversary Beer Garden/TRH Nickel Session IPA Anniversary Beer

16 Aug

I’m writing this on the 16th, which is the true 5-year birthday of TRH. 5 Years ago right now, I was starting the 15th hour of our opening day. It was hot as hell, and I was freaking out that we were 20 people over our capacity. 7 people (2 of whom were nearby business owners) had told me that day that TRH would never make it, much less stay open 6 months. My goal was to keep the doors open for at least 5 years. I’m not sure the definition of making it, but I do know we have achieved our first long-ish term goal.

We are truly humbled by the support of our community, and the best regs in town. Thanks to all our pals, and the new pals we make daily. We are thankful to all of you, our employees, and to our amazing city.

This Saturday, we’re going to celebrate! We recently teamed up with our neighbors across the street at E-9 Brewery to make an anniversary beer, a session IPA, to celebrate The Red Hot’s 5th Anniversary. The idea that we started with was to make a session IPA (dubbed Nickel IPA) that not only came in at 5.5% ABV, but we also wanted to make five additional versions of that beer:

TRH Nickel Session IPA: our Anniversary beer
Green Nickel Session IPA: double dry-hopped version
Gold Nickel Session IPA: golden berry infused version
Wooden Nickel Session IPA: oaked version
Live Nickel Session IPA: cask conditioned version

These 5 beers will be on tap Saturday August 18th, 2012 in our last outdoor beer garden/parking lot party of the year for the TRH 5th Anniversary. If you like it, we’ll have 5-gallon homebrew recipes for TRH Nickel Session IPA on hand for our homebrewers to take home, courtesy Shane Johns, head brewer at E9. Click on the pic to just print your own:

Beer Garden opens at 11am, and closes at 8pm. In addition to the previous 5 beers on tap outside, we’ll also have Everybody’s Brewing Law of Nature Pale, Maritime Pacific Old Tacoma Lager, Tieton Cider Works Dry Hopped Cider, and Fearless Brewing’s Peach Cream Ale on outside as well. Paired with our 15 choices inside, thats 24 choices on draft for the day!

We’ll have live bluegrass outside, starting around 2pm, courtesy of 40-Grit Ceiling Sanders.

We’ll also have the grill blazing (sorry, indoor kitchen will be closed), with dogs, sausages, grilled onions and sauerkraut…

Thanks again to all of you, here’s to another 5 years! See you on Saturday!

Wed 8/1: The TRH Submarine Sandwich Dog

31 Jul


This all-beef hot dog is presented in a steamed poppyseed bun, topped with Dijon mustard mayonnaise sauce, fresh chopped onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, hard salami, provolone cheese, and an herbed oil and red wine vinaigrette.

This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted.

Wed 1/4: The TRH Flight of the Concorde Dog

3 Jan

Wednesday January 4th, we’ll unleash The TRH Flight of the Concorde Dog unto the masses.

This all beef hot dog is cradled in a slice of smoked ham, a slice of all-natural swiss cheese, and topped with dijon mustard, cornichon pickles, and crispy french fried onions. LET THEM EAT HOT DOGS!


This special will run for one day only, no additions, 11am to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted. Bon Appétit!

Thurs 11/24: The TRH T-Dog & Thanksgiving Hours

23 Nov

We’ll be opening late on Thursday, (open at 5pm, closing at 11pm) for wayward pals seeking the camaraderie of our neighborhood tavern, and some semblance of a holiday meal. Our regular menu will not be available. Instead, our ode to the traditional turkey day meal will be served:

Thursday November 24th, we’ll unleash The TRH T-Dog unto the masses. A once-a-year treat, this dog is not to be missed.

This turkey dog is topped with with cranberry sauce, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with butter, and brown turkey gravy.


This special will run for one day only, no additions, 5pm to 10pm, or until supplies are exhausted. Our vegetarian pals can order with a vegidog (sans gravy) to adhere to dietary preferences. Get some.

The craft beer shall flow, the football will be on our big screen (followed by a cinematic holiday favorite), and we’ll all hold it down together…see you there.