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26 Mar

If you haven’t heard, we are slightly expanding. We are currently renovating the space next door to our current space. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

How much bigger will TRH be?
Right now we are in 1052 sq ft. We are moving to 3000 sq ft.  360 of those square feet will be storage. 355 of those feet will be cold storage. 300 of those feet will be for kitchen & mechanical. That leaves about 1985 square feet for the bathrooms and bar room. The idea behind the new space was to make it more comfortable for our patrons, to provide some more elbow room, and to create more seating space. We are raising our capacity from 49 to 75. We never wanted to be a big unfeeling mega-bar with seating for hundreds, and are trying to make the new space feel familiar to our pals.

What will the new TRH look like?
You will see a lot of the same colors, design elements, and finishes in our new space as you do now. We are also adding new elements that we’ve always wanted, but could not do for lack of physical space.

So you’re just going to knock down a wall?
No. We will be leaving our old space entirely. 

Are you going to allow kids?
No. We are a 21+ Tavern. 

Are you getting more handles?
Yes. We will go from 15 to 25-ish. We could go more, but for us, that number seems just right to keep different beers fresh, and to increase our selection. Look for a House IPA handle, more dedicated Belgian style handles, a second dedicated cider handle, and some cool surprises. Look for more style-specific glassware as well.

Are you expanding the bottle list?
Yes. We are literally bursting at the seams with cellared bottles, and will offer some very cool bottle flights. We’ll post a preview bottle list before we open up the new space.

Are you going to have hard alcohol?

Are you expanding the food menu?
Yes. Slightly. We’re still serving up what we know best, but are adding some new sides, bringing back some old favorites, and adding some cool new things. Some of our cooking methods will be different. Some the same. No, we are not putting in a fryer. We’ll post a preview food menu before we open up the new space.

When will the new space be open?
Right now…the best we can say is May sometime. We incurred many delays during the permitting process, and had to upgrade the building before we could start on our space. We are working as fast as we can…and apologies for the noise/mess.

Will you have pinball?
No. We will have more board games, and will be working with our neighbors at Tacoma Games to build a larger game library.

Are you hiring?
We currently have most shifts filled, but people are always welcome to drop off resumes at the bar.

Our Man Shep: Open Early On Sundays with New Specials

6 Sep

Our man Shep. When he isn’t making Tacoma smile behind the bar here, he’s coaching high school football. Shep loves football. Starting this Sunday, Shep will open the doors early every Sunday for those who also love football. 9:30 am early.

Shep is going to make something very delicious for you this Sunday, and we’re calling it:

The Shepdog Champion: fresh baked local brioche roll, locally made 1/4lb breakfast link, a slice of bacon, sausage gravy, and a little tarragon to make you smile.

Shep will make breakfast specials for all Hawks games that start at 10am. Shep will make other delights for Hawks games later in the day (but will still open at 9:30am). Shep loves football so much that we will also have some Hilliard’s 12th Can Pale Ale:



9:30am. This Sunday. Shepdog Champion.

Wed 9/4: Seattle Cider Co. Draft Debut, 5pm

4 Sep

As a kickoff for WA Cider Week at The Red Hot, we’re unleashing 6 kegs of Seattle Cider Company‘s offerings: their 2 flagship ciders (Dry & Semi Sweet), and all 4 of their seasonal ciders (Pumpkin-Fall, New England-Winter, Gin Botanical-Spring, PacNW Berry-Summer).


We welcome Seattle”s first post-Prohibition cidery tonight at 5pm to enjoy their full line of ciders on draft for the first time in our area.

Sat 8/17: TRH 6th Anniversary Beer Garden (also: Ch-ch-ch-changes v2.0)

16 Aug

Today is our 6th Anniversary. On August 16th of 2007, we opened our doors to Tacoma and beyond.





On August 17th of 2013, we will celebrate this milestone with all of our pals who helped us get here. Huge tent, great beers, and familiar faces make our anniversary party a staff and regular favorite.

On Saturday, we’ll have the tent going from 11am to 8am with an outdoor bar. Between the outside bar & inside bar, we’ll be putting on some of our customers faves, kegs that usually last mere hours, as well as some pub-only kegs from our pals who make the stuff. Black Raven Trickster IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Backwoods Brewing Bumble Bee Imperial Honey IPA, Elysian Space Dust IPA, Everybodys Brewing Good Luck Chuck IRA, Georgetown Brewing Rogers Pils, Airways Brewing Cascade Smash Ale, Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, Black Raven Krystallweizen…these are half the offerings starting out the day.

We’ll have our full menu available all day. Due to the huge influx of extra people for these outdoor events, we usually put on a special limited menu. This party, we’re doing the full menu, because this will be the last outdoor party we do with our current kitchen space.
For the past few months, we have been working with our landlords, in conjunction with our neighbors at The Wedding Bell, and in less than 6 months, we will be moving this whole shebang next door to a larger space with a initial target date of February 1 to reopen the new TRH.


We think we’ve found the perfect space to add a few extra seats, add some extra ‘breathing room’ between tables, add some new handles, upgrade the kitchen, adding a few amenities, all without creating a huge cavernous space that we feel is not what TRH is about.

We’ll keep you updated as we go, as always. Thanks to all of you for helping us make TRH what it is!

Wed 7/31: Almanac Brewing Co. Debut 5pm / Meet the Brewer, 6pm

31 Jul


Tonight at 6pm, we will tap the first kegs from Almanac Brewing Co. in our area. This small-batch brewery has been turning heads with their “farm-to-bottle” beers geared toward the dinner table and commitment to small batch brewing. Here’s the line-up:

Honey Saison – brewed with California 2-row barley, Marshall Farms Bay Area honey, fresh ginger & French oak. 4.8%

Extra Pale – brewed with California 2-row barley, San Joaquin Valley Mandarin oranges & American oak. 6%

Biere de Chocolat – brewed with small-batch hand roasted cocoa beans, California 2-row barley, & Ivanhoe hops. 5.6%

Dogpatch Sour – Flanders-Red aged in oak barrels with Rainier cherries. Limited release. 7.5%

Come and enjoy these amazing beers beginning at 5pm. Our guest, brewer Damian Fagan, can answer any questions beginning at 6pm. Come and enjoy.


TUE 7/23: National Hot Dog Day: The Red Hot

23 Jul

Long have we been in love with the hot dog. From Homer’s The Odyssey (“As when a man besides a great fire has filled a sausage with fat and blood and turns it this way and that and is very eager to get it quickly roasted. . .”) to present day, no finer invention has been made.

The name and it’s origins have eluded all of us, to where no single origin point can be decided on (Frankfurters from Frankfurt, Germany? Wieners from Vienna, Austria? Dachshund sausages/red hots/hot dogs from vendors at The Colombian Exposition in Chicago, or carts in NYC’s Bowery or The Polo Grounds, at St. Louis Browns baseball games, or from “dog carts” on the campus of Yale? Whatever the case may be, putting sausage to bread was an achievement unmatched in culinary history.


I’ve long associated the basic hot dog from it’s ballpark inception as a red hot (“get yer red hots!”). Bread, sausage, swath of mustard, some onion, and old-fashioned sweet relish. To this day, still my favorite combination. So much did I believe in the name, I named our tavern after it. It was the first thing on the menu.


So for today, National Hot Dog Day, you can grab yourself a piece of culinary history for $3…The Red Hot. All-beef natural casing hot dog, schmear of old-school spicy brown mustard, some fresh onions, and old-fashioned sweet relish in a steamed poppyseed roll. There really is no better baseline red hot.


Sunday 6/23: Spud Goodman Show Reunion, 3pm

23 Jun

The first time I watched The Spud Goodman Show, I was floored. I couldn’t, and still cannot, tell if the people on the show were as bizarre as their characters made them out to be. Was it a put-on, or the real deal?


I quit asking. The show introduced me and many others to bands that would open up a new world to us.


Today that show is holding it’s 28th Reunion Gala at The Red Hot. 3pm is go time. Recording will be happening, so be prepared. It’s time to get weird.


Wednesday June 12, 5pm: Bear Republic Rarities Night

11 Jun

On Wednesday, we’ll have something from our pals in Northern California, Bear Republic Brewing. 3 kegs that have never been in our area before. We’ll be tapping them all at 5pm. Here’s the run down:

Crazy Ivan Belgian IPA


Global Kolsch

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also fool around and Randall off a keg of always delicious Racer 5 IPA. We’ll be going through a mix of Simcoe hops, Amarillo hops, Centennial hops, and grapefruit zest.

Kegs are tapping at 5pm! See you there…


The Pint Pedaler: Bike Map of Tacoma’s Craft Breweries

4 Jun

As June sets upon us, we bid farewell to yet another Bike Month here in Pierce County. Every year, with the help of our pals, we set out to unleash some sort of zaniness for a Bike Month event. This year was no different.

We present The Pint Pedaler: A Bike Map to Tacoma’s Craft Breweries


This is a project put together with the help of Matt Newport over at Tacoma Bike Ranch, Kris Nystrom at Nystrom Design, and local pals at Rite In The Rain.


This map is a simplified map of bike-friendly routes around town, with the locations of all the current breweries, as well as the Tacoma bike shops to help you on your way. It is printed on Rite In The Rain paper, so beer spills/rain/sweat need not ruin your copy. We even stress tested a copy at the release party for 2 hours in the rain, and then vigorous use as a coaster, with astonishing results in it’s durability.

You can pick up your free copy here at The Red Hot, or at any of the breweries or bike shops on the map: Wingman Brewers, Harmon Brewery, Tacoma Brewing Co., Harmon Tap Room, Engine House #9, RAM Brewing, 2nd Cycle, Defiance Bicycles, Old Town Bicycle, & both Tacoma Bike locations. There is even a map addendum on the back for neighboring Gig Harbor, listing 7 Seas Brewing & the other Old Town Bicycle location for the more adventurous cyclists.

We’ll be getting a downloadable file up on our website soon. We’re already thinking of new ideas for Pint Pedaler 2014, & thanks again to all involved. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.

Sat 5/18: Pint Pedaler Release Beer Garden/New Sausage Preview Menu

17 May

On Saturday, we will debut a collaborative project for Bike Month. We obtained the assistance of TacomaBikeRanch, Nystrom Design & Rite in the Rain to create Tacoma’s first bike map to all the breweries in Tacoma, WA. On Saturday, you can pick up your free copy in our first parking-lot beer garden, in all it’s full color, tri-folded, and beer resistant splendor.


We will have some delicious offerings outside, including the very limited Schooner Exact Bicycle AleLiance IPA (along side Hopworks IPA, New Belgium Shift Pale Lager, Sierra Nevada Summerfest Czech Pils, & Stiegl Grapfruit Radler. The inside tap list, as always, can be found at http://www.redhottacoma.com

Tacoma’s 2nd Cycle will be in-house from noon-4pm to handle any troubleshooting or bike tune-up help, and their own Noah Struthers designed a limited-edition spoke card for this event as well!

To tickle your taste buds, we will be offering a preview of some of our new sausages that will be debuting on our new rotating sausage menu. We will be bringing in more seasonal/fun/weird/delicious sausages on a rotating basis. Due to the large numbers of sausage party-goers, this will be the only available menu for Saturday. If you need a Hosmer Hound Dog or Filthy Nachos, you’ll have to wait until Sunday morning :).


a 20×40 tent will be in place for rain and/or sun shade for PacNW milky white skin. Weather looks decent so far, but no matter what Mom Nature has planned, this will be a great time. See ya there!