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MON 5/6: Epic Ales Night, 6pm

5 May

Monday May 6th is the first day of Tacoma Drinks Washington Beer Week. This is where we devote 100% of our taps to WA made beer for 7 days to support, showcase, but mostly enjoy the beers from the brewers right here in our backyard.


To kick off this year’s TDWBW, we’re tapping a quartet of beers from Seattle’s own Epic Ales. Known for his ingredient usage and pushing style boundaries, brewmaster/HMFIC Cody will be on hand to talk shop. Here’s the lineup:

• Bottom of the Sea (Black Oyster Gose)
• GastroPod (Nettle/Wheat Beer)
• Padre Azul (Agave Sour)
• Solar Trans Amplifier (Camomile & Ginger Wit)

It all goes down at 6pm.

SAT 4/20: Specials @ TRH / Serving Food @ Wingman Brewers!

19 Apr


On Saturday, we’ll be unleashing the 420 Dog upon an unsuspecting public.

All-beef dog with bacon, peanut butter, strawberry jam, and topped with crunch berry crumbles. Yes, this is for real. No additions, substitutions, or to-go. It will be available when we open at 11am.

To aid in the thirst quenching side of things, we’re doing $1 off pint specials on Beer Valley Leafer Madness IIPA & Mt. Shasta Mountain High Weed IPA as well.


If that was not enough to get your Saturday planned, we are heading down to Wingman Brewers (509 1/2 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA 253-651-4832) to help celebrate their 2nd Anniversary! We’re bringing along a special batch of sausages & mustards to feed their hungry masses!

SAUSAGES: Pork Hot Link, Beef & Potato, Italian w/Pepperjack. All sausages were ground locally for this event.

MUSTARDS: Ace IPA Bavarian Mustard, P-51 Porter Brown Mustard, Stratofortress Honey Mustard. All mustards were made by us with Wingmans beers. For extra tasty delight, we made a P-51 Strat BBQ Sauce as well.

We will start serving food at noon, and go until we sell out.

THU 4/11 TRH Test Kitchen Special: The Italian Beef Sandwich

10 Apr

This week’s Test Kitchen is a blast from our past, put together by our very own beloved Italian Stallion, Sean Horst, our longest tenured employee.


Thin sliced Italian roast beef on one of our bolillio rolls, giardiniera, and dunked in a spiced aus jus, served up messy as hell.

This special is definitely not vegetarian friendly, not available to go, with no additions or substitutions, and will only be available this Thursday, from 11am, until supplies are exhausted.

Wooden Nickels & Growler Rewards

28 Mar

Here at TRH, one of our longest standing daily specials has been Growler Mondays. $10 Growler refills were the norm. This is when the $4 pint dominated the tap list. Due to rising beer costs, the $4 pint occupied 3/4 to 1/2 the tap list. Customers have also switched mainly to filling growlers with harder to find draft-only choices, which were priced a bit higher. Deeply discounted growler fills were also limited to only what was on tap on Mondays.

Enter the TRH Wooden Nickel


From now on, any time you refill a 64oz growler here, you’ll get a wooden nickel which gives you $1 off a 64oz growler fill the next time you come in. This is our repeat customer reward for those of you who regularly refill growlers here (and there are a lot of you!). On Mondays, instead of discounted growlers, you’ll get 3 wooden nickels for any refill ($3 off your refill the next time you come in). Our website is on the back of the wooden nickel which has a tap list of what’s on. Now you can decide when to get a discounted refill, and not limit it to just Mondays. These are being issued now, and all of our growler regs are loving it. PLEASE let your Beertender know before you fill that you intend to redeem any wooden nickels. THANKS!

Thu 3/21: Sai What?!?! WA/OR Saisons & Flemish Farmhouse Dog v2.0

19 Mar

This Thursday, we’ll put on a grip of tasty Saisons to taste, made in Washington & Oregon only. All beers will be in 5.5oz pours only. All of these selected beers will be available when we open at 11am, until close or when the kegs expire, whichever comes first. Here’s the lineup:

1. E-9 Brewery Barrel Aged Farmer Ralph – 4.4% (WA)

2. Cascade Brewing Saison Grand – 10.7% aged in chardonnay barrels for four months/cold conditioned in stainless for another four months (OR)

3. Schooner Exact Pineapple Express – 5.8% Maui Gold pineapple & Galaxy Hops (WA)

4. Black Raven Pour Les Oiseaux – 7.6% aged in French Oak white wine barrels, w/Brettanomyces (WA)

5. pFriem Family Brewers Super Saison – 9.5% big tropical fruit, funky and big (OR)

6. Logsdon Seizoen – 7.5% unfiltered, naturally fermented and carbonated with pear juice and select yeast strains, complex, fruity and spicy (OR)

All selections are available individually, or you can do the full flight for the nice price.


Thursdays are also TRH Test Kitchen Thursdays, so we’ll be doing a revamp of one of our most popular specials, The Flemish Farmhouse Dog. This time around, it will look like this:

All-beef dog, house-made tarragon mustard & herbed fresh cheese spread, onions, and finished with grated organic radish & celery salt.

This food special is vegi-friendly when ordered with a vegi-dog. No to-go/additions/substitutions.

THU 3/14 TRH Test Kitchen: The DS/DC

13 Mar

The DS/DC: The Dirty South Destiny City. This is one of our most popular menu items, but even dirtier. This version is an all-beef dog on a poppy seed roll, our own Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce (mustard base bbq sauce, family recipe), onion, all-meat chili, cole slaw, and topped with sweet pickle slices & and our TRH Spice Blend.

This special is available when we open at 11am, and is available until close or supplies are exhausted. No substitutions/additions/to-go.


Mon 3/18: pFriem Family Brewers Tacoma Release, 6pm

12 Mar

The much anticipated arrival of pFriem Family Brewers in our area is here. A few select places were designated as release hosts, and we’re the only Tacoma location…so stop in on Monday so you can be one of the firsts to try these amazing beers. The Pfriem Family will be visiting to help introduce their stellar offerings. Here’s the lineup:

*Blonde IPA
*Belgian Strong Dark
*Belgian Strong Blonde
*Belgian Stout
*Little Saison

To add some TRH flavor, we’ll be running a evening-only very limited TRH Test Kitchen Food Special: a smoked apple brandy duck sausage, topped with aioli, fresh arugula, and a Pfriem Blonde IPA shallot vinaigrette.


Thu 2/28: Snipes Mountain Night & TRH Test Kitchen

27 Feb

Our pals from Snipes Mountain Brewery are paying a visit on Thursday night. Instead of bore-fests with a tshirt that won’t fit you anyway, we like to reward you with amazing beer. Check out these tasty offerings:

Bar Top Cask of Snipes Mountain No Bake Stout casked with almond butter & Ecuadorean cacao nibs

Bar Top Cask of Snipes Mountain IPA casked with copious amounts of Centennial hops & coconut palm sugar

Keg of Snipes Mountain 2010 Ye Olde Roza Barley Wine

Keg of Snipes Mountain Red Sky ESB w/Chinook, Cascade, Palisade & Satus hops

Keg of Snipes Mountain Wild Eye P.A. Belgian IPA

Everything is getting tapped at 6pm!

Since it’s Thursday, that means the TRH Test Kitchen will be going, this time with a nod to our pals from Snipes Mountain:

“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world”
-Kaiser Wilhelm


German bratwurst in a pretzel roll, Swiss cheese, Snipes Mountain IPA mustard, onions, cider braised sauerkraut, and dill pickles. This special will be available when we open at 11am, until we close at 11pm, or until supplies are exhausted, whichever comes first.

This special is vegi-friendly when ordered with a vegi-brat at no extra charge.

No substitutions/additions/to-go.

THU 2/21 TRH Test Kitchen Special: The Big Smooth

20 Feb

This Thursday’s TRH Test Kitchen Special is:

The Big Smooth: all-beef dog, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a poppy-seed bun.


Our own secret Big Smooth Sauce hits it from downtown on this TRH Test Kitchen Special to pay homage to the Foward/Center that served the Supersonics from 1993 to 1998, the best team player the game has ever known.

This special is available when we open at 11am, and is available until close or supplies are exhausted. It is vegetarian friendly when paired with one of our vegi-dogs. No substitutions/additions/to-go.


Murray Morgan Bridge Week; Mon 2/11-Fri 2/15

11 Feb

This week is the Centennial Celebration of one of this city’s most iconic landmarks, The Murray Morgan Bridge.


Some may know it as The 11th Street Bridge. To celebrate, our bratwurst, named for this awesome piece of Tacoma lore, will be on special.

The Murray Morgan Bridge Brat will be 11% off from Monday, February 11th to Friday, February 15th. That comes out to $3.56 + the governor’s share. Bratwurst on steamed poppyseed bun topped with German stone-ground mustard & apple cider braised sauerkraut. No substitutions.