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TUE 7/23: National Hot Dog Day: The Red Hot

23 Jul

Long have we been in love with the hot dog. From Homer’s The Odyssey (“As when a man besides a great fire has filled a sausage with fat and blood and turns it this way and that and is very eager to get it quickly roasted. . .”) to present day, no finer invention has been made.

The name and it’s origins have eluded all of us, to where no single origin point can be decided on (Frankfurters from Frankfurt, Germany? Wieners from Vienna, Austria? Dachshund sausages/red hots/hot dogs from vendors at The Colombian Exposition in Chicago, or carts in NYC’s Bowery or The Polo Grounds, at St. Louis Browns baseball games, or from “dog carts” on the campus of Yale? Whatever the case may be, putting sausage to bread was an achievement unmatched in culinary history.


I’ve long associated the basic hot dog from it’s ballpark inception as a red hot (“get yer red hots!”). Bread, sausage, swath of mustard, some onion, and old-fashioned sweet relish. To this day, still my favorite combination. So much did I believe in the name, I named our tavern after it. It was the first thing on the menu.


So for today, National Hot Dog Day, you can grab yourself a piece of culinary history for $3…The Red Hot. All-beef natural casing hot dog, schmear of old-school spicy brown mustard, some fresh onions, and old-fashioned sweet relish in a steamed poppyseed roll. There really is no better baseline red hot.